“De Karnemelkplaats”

Camping - Callantsoog - Noord-Holland


"A place to remember" 


Behind the farmhouse, on our campfield,we have 5 unique places towards the south with magnificent vieuws of the horses, cows and birds in nature, the flowers in the fields, the sun setting behind the dunes and in the distance the village Callantsoog.

From the campfield through the grounds of our neighbors goes a path to the dunes.

In between the flower fields and ditch you walk in peace to the beach and in 10 minutes you are with your feet in the sea.

Next to our farmhouse we have 2 sheltered places for small tents, caravans and campers.
These 2 places are only to book by telefoon.


In addition, our small campsite offers you:

  • Everywhere on the premises free web host.
  • Covered bicycle shed with loading points for electric bikes.
  • " 't Koffiehuis" with games, books, extra refrigerator and microwave.
  • Heated toilet room.
  • Spacious showers without token.
  • Chemical toilet cister.

Open from  March 15 to  November 1.

Boomgaard 1
Ooghmerweitje 2
Ooghmerweitje 3
Ooghmerweitje 3a
Ooghmerweitje 4
Ooghmerweitje 5
Ooghmerweitje 6
Ooghmerweitje 6a
Ooghmerweitje 7

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Karnemelk Plaats
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